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Enterprise Software Thread, Kaspersky - Have you used them? in Technical; Originally Posted by ess2k We have been using Kaspersky in our Primary school for over three years now, others I ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ess2k View Post
    We have been using Kaspersky in our Primary school for over three years now, others I know recommended Kaspersky!
    Previously we have used Symantec and Sophos and found them a bit rubbish as the years have gone on.
    We had a price from our local lea which was ridiculous, but then got a very good price from a supplier called Network IT 24.

    If your using another brand at the moment you will get a much better price off Kaspersky too!
    I think they want you to see how good there product is compared to the other top AV providers!

    I love the management console and its so easy to deploy the software to clients!
    and the support is great too!!! not that its been needed much!
    Very interesting to hear about the management console, that's certainly a plus. I've noted that some AV such as Avast suffered quite heavily in some of their versions which is why one place I work at now will be moving off them.

    Further to my point I was making back in December about my concerns with MSE and having at least a source of information to back up views when debating a bad or good reputation...

    I just found this which really does reinforce my apprehension. http://www.ibtimes.com/microsoft-security-essentials-fails-antivirus-certification-test-second-time-row-microsoft-disputes

    I hope that Microsoft's business version will get better as it may be what one place I work at is moving to.

    It's a shame that Kaspersky are, as has been mentioned, giving the impression they want to be an Internet suite.

    Where proxy filtering is used and hardware firewalls; sometimes you just want the light weight and focus on AV.

    As before I'm hoping to hear more of the good and he had of Kaspersky use.

    Thank you
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    we use semantic here. Although not my first choice, it does the job with minimal fuss.. And has decent reporting and customisation available.

    That said, based on my own research and limited testing, Vipre FTW.
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    Been using Kaspersky enterprise here for the past year and a half with no problems whatsoever, install the server config and then point to your clients, auto install on clients which in turn update automatically from server which in turn auto updates over the net,

    Simple to use with lots of lovely tools and reporting functionality, in my eye's an excellent product.

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    Been using Kaspersky here for about 5 years. We moved over from Sophos as the client had just become far too unwieldy. Kaspersky was, at first, lean and nimble. I echo the sentiments above regarding the Admin console, but the overhead the client is causing to workstations is now causing us to look elsewhere. I also have heard good things about VIPre, and we are going to be evaluating NOD32 as well, before our licensing expires.

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