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Enterprise Software Thread, Sophos - whats the attraction / whats the alternative ? in Technical; ...
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    Sophos wasn't that cheap for us, that I remember (ironically we renewed for 3 years a month or two ago). It was around £6k for 400 users for 3 years (£2k/yr). Aside from the recent issue it's been OK. For admins the key issue really is the ease of using the console, which for Sophos is OK. It could be more straightforward though, and if anything suffers from information overload.

    McAfee I would avoid like the plague. This is the one provided for us cheaply by CC. I'm relatively new here, and my predecessors opted to avoid.

    I've used G-DATA previously. Despite getting good scores in independent testing it missed viruses, so would also avoid like the plague. Also the console was less than brilliant.

    I've heard anecdotally that Forefront has at least missed a couple of viruses e.g. Conflicker, albeit an old virus.

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    Mcafee's EPO offering is terrible - for SMB's the SAAS offering (McAfeeASAP) seems to work fairly well and is all cloud managed.

    I PM'd the cost of Avast to Ed which was 4.5k for 3 years for 900 devices - just shows Avast is fairly good and cheap plus very easy to manage.

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    We were using Symantec Corporate edition (RMVP4) which was a load of ****. Not always clear through the console which computers were infected, had to visit the client tray on the management servers as well as the console to check for infections, often didn't update for no reason, needed re-installing once a year as it would suddenly bring the servers to a halt, and had issues deploying to workstations after CC4 SR1 for a few months and it was overpriced. Last straw was it let a USB virus through, and RM were dragging the Windows 7 version release.

    We switched to Sophos, and because we got it through the LEA, it is so cheap no one else can match the price. Most schools in North Yorkshire will be using it because of this pricing.

    Not only that, it actually works! Much better detection rate than Symantec, the console actually alerts you to infections, you can clean most infections remotely with the console, and it deploys all the time to clients no problem. Detection rate is excellent, it's never let us down yet.

    Yes there was the recent ssh\updaterb issue but they were on the case quickly, and it's one issue in the 3 years we've had the product, so I'm not grumbling.

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    Advantages of Sophos... ummm.... errr... can't think of any (unless you're on the LEA deals above)

    We moved to Kaspersky then onto ESET after KAV turned into a clone of Sophos (i.e. so slow it killed every workstation it was installed on at boot or during scans). Thus far NOD32 has been quick and picked up what it needs to... hope that continues

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    We've been using Sophos for ~4 years now.

    With the obvious exception of their latest false positive escapade we've been very happy with it.

    After the latest false positive we've changed the "delete it if you can't clean it" policy to "just quarantine it". If we'd not had the delete it policy in place the clean up would have been much simpler, but as it was it was only a few hours work.

    I should point out that our workstations are also protected by DeepFreeze.

    The main reason we swapped to Sophos was price, secondly was ease of use. IIRC we compared it to NOD32 and Kaspersky; McAfee, Avira and Avast all priced themselves out of the trial.

    The reason we left Symantec was the sheer volume of issues we had with their Endpoint Protection. Symantec may have a brilliant product on their hands by now - I doubt we'll never know.

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    We dumped Sophos as soon as we could after stepping out of our LEA IT agreement, we use Vipre now and its much better

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    Certainly agree with you there 'MattX'
    We have been with Kaspersky awhile now! and its loads better!

    Quote Originally Posted by mattx View Post
    It's quite simple. Schools go with Sophos because it's cheap. And the reason it's cheap is because........ I will leave you to fill in the blanks. I suggest you go with Trend Micro.

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    Moving to Enterprise Software.

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    For us the management console for Sophos was very hit and miss - sometimes worked other times didn't. Also the client seems to be very resource intensive, we've just made the change to SCCM with FFEP and its given our older machines an extended lease of life.

    We used Sophos for a quite a while and back in the days of Sophos 2.5 (I think) it was a brilliant system and filled the 'It just works' requirement. Now you seem to need to beat it with a stick to get it to play nice.

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    Well I have been using Sophos for many years now.
    When I first started using it I could cheerfully have thrown it in a skip, but we were at the start of a multi year deal and was stuck with it.
    As time has gone on its got better and better and I am now very happy with it.

    Its easy to deploy and manage and the integrated Disk Encryption that comes with the DPS suite is very nice. Got no issues with it.

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