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    Sophos Enterprise Console, Active Directory sync

    Is there any easy way to nuke the Sophos Enterprise Console database of computers and start from scratch?!

    We have synced the AD OUs with Sophos Enterprise Console, however over the summer we've renamed a few PCs which AD has coped with however Sophos still decides to pick up the old names and gets itself in a muddle, despite deleting the objects from the Enterprise Console, disabling then enabling the AD sync and a few other things.

    Basically, it is being a pain in the a$%£ as usual!

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    Can you not just re-install the Enterprise Console, this is weird as I have added a few new machines to Sophos and they have been imaged and reimaged as they are test machines and have had Sophos rolled out to them and they havent been an issue - are you on the latest version of EC & Sophos ? When you un-install the EC make sure to get rid of the DB in SQL and make a new one for Sophos, also has your server which is running EC been rebooted ?

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