Hello everyone,

We have just set up an RD Farm which consists of two RD Session Hosts with Connection Broker to help with load balancing - and it seems to work quite well. We also have RD Web Access on the gateway server as well.

Our setup is:

Gateway Server - gateway.domain.com (Joined to domain.local) - This is accessible via the internet

Session Host 1 - SessionHost1.domain.local

Session Host 2 - SessionHost2.domain.local

My question is: Is it possible to open up Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc) on a computer and then type in gateway.domain.com which then logs the user onto one of the two session hosts. When trying it, it seems that it tries to connect the user to the RD Gateway Server rather than one of the two session host servers.

Any help regarding trying to get it to pass the remote desktop connection to one of the session hosts rather than connecting to the gateway server. I know that you can specify the Gateway server and then enter the FQDN (sessionhost1.domain.local) in the computer to connect to. But we were just wondering if there is a way of it automatically passing these RD connections to the session hosts.

Thanks in advance!!