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EduSweep Thread, 2.5 Beta Bug Tracker in Projects:; Here's a list of known bugs in the beta releases along with any planned fixes. Beta 2 (Will Fix) Automated ...
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    Unhappy 2.5 Beta Bug Tracker

    Here's a list of known bugs in the beta releases along with any planned fixes.
    Beta 2

    • (Will Fix) Automated checking of network paths can lag sometimes (especially mapped network drives)
    • (Will Fix) Files on mapped network drives do not open properly in the File Inspector when it is launched from the Task Progress window

    Beta 1

    • (Fixed in Beta 2) Opening the Report Manager does not show the first report by default
    • (Fixed in Beta 2) The "More Information" button on the File Inspector doesn't do anything
    • (Fixed in Beta 2) No signatures are installed until Software Update is run
    • (Will Fix) Window contents don't always resize correctly
    • (Fixed in Beta 2) Cannot add extensions or keywords to a task from the toolbar buttons (only the Quick Add box works)
    • (Will Fix) Column sorting is broken
    • (Will Fix) 'Last Ran' date for tasks spontaneously reverts to "Never"
    • (Will Fix) Unhandled exception may occur when checking for updates (perhaps if the download site is unavailable)
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