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EduSweep Thread, Feature requests in Projects:; Would it be possible to add a button to clone a task? I have some tasks that are identical, save ...
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    Feature requests

    Would it be possible to add a button to clone a task? I have some tasks that are identical, save for the location being searched. Being able to create the first one and duplicate the rest would be a handy feature!

    Also, when you add an exclusion to the search path, all subfolders are listed. How easy would it be to turn that list into a tree, so that you can click on the root and hide all subfolders? Would make deleting the whole lot easier if you've made a mistake.

    Other than those very minor items, an excellent utility!

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    Absolutely something I'll take into account for future versions. At the moment I'm working on 2.2 in my spare time (which is quite limited these days, sadly) and I see no reason why these features couldn't be implemented.

    PS. Sorry it's taken me ages to respond to this post, it's been a hectic term with the university workload really stepping up.

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    Absolutely love the program mate
    Just a couple of things id like to see if its easy enough...

    *With the Signature Creator i would find it useful to be able to select more than one file at a time under the Specific Files section.
    *Also maybe the ability to load and edit a signature file if required? i know i would like to add files to the list every now and then rather than recreating a new signature.

    Overall great program! glad i found it.

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