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    Exclamation EduSweep 2.1.1 released

    EduSweep 2.1.1 is out. This is a bugfix release and addresses some common problems that you've reported.

    You won't be notified of this release via the software update feature - I've yet to update the mirror servers.

    Here are the changes:

    • Icons shown in the file inspector and quarantine manager are higher quality
    • Custom signatures are more reliable

    • Quarantining two identically named files from different locations causes a crash
    • File inspector refresh function does not always work reliably
    • Using the file inspector on remote files (with UNC paths) may cause a crash
    • Custom signatures can contain duplicate hashes which slows scanning speeds
    • Custom signatures are not created successfully on Windows Vista when UAC is enabled
    • Checkbox in the settings window indicates that glass effect can be enabled on Windows XP or below when this is not the case
    • Incorrect button behaviour in the signature creator
    • Incorrect text in the signature creator

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