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EduGeek Shutdownertron Thread, Windows Vista/7 Compatibility in Projects:; Currently there are two problems with Windows Vista and Windows 7: the local configuration tool doesn't run at all, because ...
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    Windows Vista/7 Compatibility

    Currently there are two problems with Windows Vista and Windows 7:

    • the local configuration tool doesn't run at all, because it doesn't get allocated a privileged process
    • the shutdown warning dialog appears on the secure desktop, so the user gets a confusing message first, then potentially only sees it after the timer has expired

    For now, I have made a service release (1.3.3214.1) that fixes the first problem by launching the local configuration tool as a UAC-enabled program. You will see the usual dialog asking if you want to allow LocalConfig.exe to make changes to your machine.

    I'm not going to service the second problem until Shutdownertron 1.5, which will have full UAC compatibility amongst other things. A temporary workaround is to add trust to the Shutdownertron service, but I do not advise that you do so.

    Currently, I advise that you do not re-deploy Shutdownertron, but you do keep a copy of the MSI handy for the service release and install it as required when you need to use the Local Configuration Tool.

    Download: Shutdownertron

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    Have you got any idea when version 1.5 will be out. We are rolling out windows 7 and most of the time it does not turn off the pcs with windows 7.

    Thanks for all your help.


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