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EduGeek Shutdownertron Thread, Released: Shutdownertron v1.3 in Projects:; Shutdownertron v1.3.3214 is available at Shutdownertron . This release fixes a couple of bugs, plus a full re-write of the ...
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    Thumbs up Released: Shutdownertron v1.3

    Shutdownertron v1.3.3214 is available at Shutdownertron.

    This release fixes a couple of bugs, plus a full re-write of the local configuration tool and a slight change to the policy definitions (in preparation for a new feature to be released at some future date).

    Important: The way things are done changes slightly, so please check the following instructions:

    1. The Group Policy template is no longer included in the .zip file, but is integrated into the installer. It is not installed by default; you must select it as a feature during install, and it is placed in the INF folder of your Windows installation (usually, C:\Windows\Inf).

    This makes it much easier to add the template to a GPO if you are installing for the first time, since this is the default location. It also means that if you install the template on a machine with the Group Policy Console, and then proceed to use it, the console upgrades an existing installation automatically.

    2. Part of the policy definition has changed, specifically one of the string values has become a numerical value. This means that you must upgrade your agents and your group policy at the same time, and it means that you must check the value of the "Shutdown Mode" setting in Group Policy. Set it to either Shutdown or Reboot. If you have multiple policies, do this in each one.

    To upgrade the policy, you just need to install the templates on a machine with the Group Policy Management Console installed, and use the GPMC to edit your objects. Shutdownertron's templates will be uploaded to the server automatically.

    3. The local configuration tool is now a proper Windows application, rather than an Autoit script with gloss. This reduces the file size by something in the region of 60%, and increases performance significantly. The installer also no longer loses your override preference during an upgrade, however for this release you will still need to set your preference again after upgrade. In the future it will no longer be a problem.

    All other changes are detailed in the changelog. Once again, your feedback is very much appreciated (especially bugs).

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