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EduGeek.net Site Problems Thread, IE10 Issue in EduGeek Stuff; For some strange reason only in IE10 I have to select the "Switch Editor to Source Mode" in order to ...
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    IE10 Issue

    For some strange reason only in IE10 I have to select the "Switch Editor to Source Mode" in order to get a Carriage Return to work!

    Once the CR's are in place I can position the cursor and type away... now I have toggled the button off I'm stuck on single line editing???

    It only seems to have been an issue since IE10 got installed but I cant be sure when. I have been jumping back and forth and copying and pasting text into this box until I realised that I had to select the WISYWIG button to make it work.

    Is it a site bug or just me? I would have thought others would have reported by now if it was the site.

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    Yes, on metro on occasion, that editor is dodgey as hell through and I thought that the default had been changed for IE to the slightly saner one. I have had that editor choke out on firefox and chrome in different situations.

    Just switch it to the text mode one which is many times more reliable and quicker.

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    Yes this is a well known bug on vBulletin which they have been promising to fix for AGES now.
    Pretty peeved at how bad vB is now. I will force IE9 mode for now.

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