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EduGeek.net Site Problems Thread, Tapatalk bug? in EduGeek Stuff; I posted a reply to a thread via Tapatalk around 5:10pm. It neither posted nor gave me an error. I ...
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    Tapatalk bug?

    I posted a reply to a thread via Tapatalk around 5:10pm. It neither posted nor gave me an error. I exited the app. Tried again. Same thing. It finally allowed me to post about 5 minutes ago (if that).

    None of my other Tapatalk sites on my list had this issue. Any thoughts?

    Added info

    I was connected via sky wifi at ny friends house.

    I tried going off wifi and trying that way. Gave up and clicked wifi back on.
    Still didn't work
    Came home and tried for 30 mins at home with no luck
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    I dont have proper net this minute but what OS was this on?

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