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EduGeek Moodle Thread, How flexible is moodle for creating themes? in Projects:; Hello all, I was wondering how flexible Moodle is for creating themes. For example can i create a theme and ...
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    How flexible is moodle for creating themes?

    Hello all,

    I was wondering how flexible Moodle is for creating themes. For example can i create a theme and move some of the content into different locations?

    I have just started to look at Moodle and i think that it just doesn't look as good as Joomla. This is in no way dissing the excellent work of DanIt.

    We are a primary school and i have gone through all of the themes that are on the Moodle site. I have looked at quite a few of the sites that say they create moodle themes. Most look similar to all the others. I am after something that is a bit easier to work and navigate through from a Primary School usage side of things. I have been seriously considering creating my own theme for primary Schools, but if the framework is 'quite stiff' then i don't see the point.

    I have looked into drupal and am running Joomla for my school site. I would just like something that looks good and also has the simplicity for Primary School pupils (and Staff) to use.

    I hope this makes sense.

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    i've always used the newbury college one to amend, its pretty nicely coded.

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    Heres a good forum post for you to look at:


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