Link 1: Ultimate Builder Guide for Minecraft

Take your Minecraft experience to the next level with this amazing new app dedicated to helping you build new exciting creations. Your one stop shop for Minecraft creations comes with walkthroughs for many different things to build. Build a new house from scratch in minutes. Very easy to use and quick to learn. Includes many cool features that will help you build amazing new creations and share with your friends.

Link 2: Ultimate Seeds: Minecraft Edition

Ultimate Seeds: Minecraft Edition

This app features Seeds for Xbox, PC, and PE. Join thousands of users who have uploaded over 5,000 seeds in the app. Hundreds of seeds are added each day.

The seeds are constantly updated with complete with screenshots, points of interest, seed ID, and other important information.

Explore our seeds to discover stunning environments with breathtaking waterfalls, secret caves, and hidden dungeons! This app will be your one-stop resource for finding the new and best seeds!

Link 3: Furniture Pro for Minecraft

23 NEW ITEMS ADDED 6/10/2013 ● 150 furniture and other items to fill your home in Minecraft ● More items than any other app

● iPhone, iPod, iPad, retina and non-retina support
● Web updates
● Builder quiz to test your knowledge
● Social commenting system

Link 4: MCPro: Blueprints, Guides, Storytime and more for Minecraft (unofficial)

MCPro has tons of 3D blueprints with 2D view and First Person support for you to better enjoy Minecraft;

Build impressive structures and enrich your world with interesting designs created by the community.

Also includes crafting, blocks, items, mobs, enchanting, smelting, trading, etc., and fanfiction stories!

Link 5: Crafted: Cheat Guide for Minecraft

Crafted: Cheat Guide for Minecraft

iOS 7 compatible!

Same great app, new name (previously ‘Minecraft Ultimate’)! We’ll continue to bring all the latest recipes and tips. Thanks for supporting the #1 unofficial Minecraft help guide!


Heard all the buzz about the hit game Minecraft but have no idea what it is? Maybe you play, but can't survive your first night against the hordes of zombies and creepers.... ssssSSsSSSSSS BOOM!

With over two million downloads, Crafted: A Minecraft Help Guide, is the #1 Minecraft Reference app!

Link 6: MineGuide Pro for Minecraft

This Minecraft guide also supports ALL three popular Minecraft versions. PC, Pocket Edition AND Minecraft Xbox Live Arcade! Each item, recipe or mob states which version the item supports.