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EduGeek Minecraft Thread, Anyone still want to play ? in EduGeek Gaming; If anyone still wants to play minecraft I have a few servers around the world. I have got one spare ...
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    Anyone still want to play ?

    If anyone still wants to play minecraft I have a few servers around the world. I have got one spare in the NYC at the moment that I was thinking of using for edugeekers. Im just trying to see how many people are still actively interested in playing. I have put a poll up the top. If you are interested in a me setting up an unofficial edugeek server then click your favorite game type. Obviously I will not do this if it is not allowed by edugeek but the server would just be a place to play and nothing officially affiliated with the site. People also previously said the old server got boring so I have added a few choices.
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    I use to host MC servers. In all honesty i still like bukkit servers. So many plugins can make your "work" secure and still have great fun!

    Bukkit all the way from me

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    I would be interested. i dont know much about the technical snizzel though.

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    I'd be interested in playing.


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