I have been trying to implement the split menu functionality of 1.515 in order that I dont need to maintain two menus for each main menu item that has sub levels. Additionally the breadcrumbing should then work correctly which it doesnt with the default menu arrangement. Out of the box selecting a sub menu item via the top menu gives the correct breadcrumb result, i.e. Art from the curriculum menu gives the breadcrumb: Home > The Curriculum > Art . The destination page then displays correctly with the curriculum menu on the left.

However then selecting Design and Technology results in the breadcrumb: Home > Design and Technology which is not correct (The Curriculum sub-level is missing)

This should be able to be addressed by using the split menu approach, however when defining a menu which is a subset of the main menu and specifying its start and end level it does not work and displays the upper levels also (it can be made to work by changing the menu style from Legacy - Vertical to List but this looses the styling)

So the solution is "simple" - apply the "Legacy - Vertical" menu style to the "List" style, or try to fix the anomaly in the axe rescheek CSS which has caused this...

Have spent a good few hours on this "simple" fix and not yet suceeded - would be very grateful if anyone has some pointers which would assist my hair-tearing frustration?