Dear all,

Sorry if this one has been asked before, but I have done a fair amount of Googling and forum searching and couldn't find the answer anywhere.

I am trying to set up our school website using the EduGeek Joomla template, and I can't find any way of preventing the drop-down menu from disappearing the moment you move the mouse away - the menus we have are quite long and it is easy to 'overshoot' the end when selecting an item near the bottom, and I would like it so that you get a second or so 'grace period' to move the mouse pointer back before the menu disappears again.

Does anyone know if this can be achieved in the existing template, and if so, how? Or do I need to download another Joomla extension to do this?

Other than that, it's a great template - thanks for all the hard work!

Kind regards,