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EduGeek Joomla 1.5 Package Thread, School site admin??? in Projects:; you may have noticed the thread i started about the joomla edugeek package which i am currently testing (and as ...
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    School site admin???

    you may have noticed the thread i started about the joomla edugeek package which i am currently testing (and as much as it pains me to admit, i like...alot). the only thing missing is AD authetication (if you know about this please reply in the other thread - Joomla AD intregration???)

    i was wondering how you guys and gals give access to staff to your school site (joomla or other). currently ours is an asp based site which was created entirely by me, using AD authentication to access the staff admin (add news etc). i did this as the old site was never used by staff as they cba and/or didnt know how or didnt know their un and pw.

    so how do you do it?

    do staff use it anyway?

    thanks in advance!

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    We only allow a select few to access our site. I believe the ACL is going to be greatly improved in 1.6

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    We use NTLM\LDAP for staff and students to see the full site, but hopefully 1.6 will give us the tool to split it further to staff only, student only etc. It's not really an issue at the moment so not really looked any further.


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    I let staff create there own accounts that have author level access, You can then use the group special to section them off (display/don't display an article/menu item etc).

    Because there author they can add news, links, events, and files (under my modaration)

    If I want to allow staff to edit specific pages I create the page/user account first, then set that account as author to that page. They can then edit it using the little icon that appears when viewing that page.

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