Hi all

I hope someone can help. I am working on a site that looks great in 1280 x 768 res. when i drop it to 1024x768 or 800x600 the header which is 1000x185 extends beyond the template itself and the template is not centred anymore, its gone to the left.

i believe this is to do with fluid v fixed, but im not sure. I read somewhere about if you a have a header where its uniform, you can slice a vertical section that will be repeated and add some lines of code to the css to tell it to repeat when there is a different resolution.

does anyone know of a good tutorial they could point me to that explains how to do this? bottom is 1280 (how i want it to look) and top is how it looks if desktop rs is changed to 800x600

joomla header resolution issue-800.jpg

joomla header resolution issue-1280.jpg