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EduGeek Joomla 1.5 Package Thread, Confused on installation in Projects:; First of all, I want to thank the creators and contributors to the Edugeek Joomla package. What a wonderful service ...
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    Confused on installation

    First of all, I want to thank the creators and contributors to the Edugeek Joomla package. What a wonderful service you provide. It allows people like me who are wet behind the ears when it comes to creating dynamic websites.

    I have a website up for our music boosters for our district school and I am contemplating using joomla or edugeek joomla for our content management to make it easier for myself and the music directors to add content. However, I am hesitating to install the program to our site because to be honest I am afraid that I may end up doing something completely stupid and destroy our website. (I do have backup just in case)

    However, I am willing to jump in head first in order to make use of this wonderful tool. The question I have is when installing edugeek joomla, the entire contents of folder site goes directly to what directory? Is it the /public.html or do I upload the entire folder "site" to its own directory? I tried to follow the quick installation guide, but I am completely lost as to the right way of installing edugeek. If all else fails, I guess I can use simplescripts from hostmonster and install that instead, but I like the look and set up of edugeek.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you're getting used to it I would recommend you create a directory to "play" in and make your mistakes... In fact I would recommend you find a completely different server space to be sure you don't mess up.

    Joomla doesn't need to be placed in the public_html (root) directory although eventually, if it becomes your primary website, you'll want to move it there.

    I'd create a folder called edjoom and install into that. But whatever you do, first take a complete backup of your existing site and any data and keep it somewhere safe if you do make the ultimate boo-boo

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