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EduGeek Joomla 1.0 Package Thread, Is there trouble in Paradise? in Projects:; While trying to find the 1.5 demo site (its not there at the moment BTW - 1st June 20:00) - ...
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    Is there trouble in Paradise?

    While trying to find the 1.5 demo site (its not there at the moment BTW - 1st June 20:00) - I found this on the Edugeek Project Site

    Other members of the Edugeek community are now developing a version of the package based on Joomla 1.5. This is a completely separate project from the original package.
    AFAIK, the 1.5 package is/was a close clone of the 1.x package - the above sounds like their are two competing packages whereas I thought it was one package that has now been moved on to the next underlying codebase and all new development/effort is going into the 1.5 series.

    Or is there a joomla version war going on?



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    this is not a war I hope all I have done is convert sysmans superb package into 1.5 it is not there to replace and never will be. If you use 1. keep with it 1.5 Is next gen and has only may this year become stable and so there are very few legacy modules for it. I never have nor will compete with people on this site. I hope this clears things up. the 1.5 package is to comploment the 1. package as time is presious to people and for one person to do both would take a lot of time. I did ask sysman if it was ok to conver his package and got the all clear.
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    This is a completely separate project from the original package.
    This is exactly what it is. I myself have had no part in the creation of the 1.5 package. All the hard work as been done by alonebfg by coverting the current package to 1.5 and then maintaining the package.

    At the moment I am in no rush to move over to 1.5 just for the sake of it when 1.0 does what I need it to. Also I haven't got the time currently to fully look into 1.5 in the same way I have 1.0.

    I did plan to look into 1.5 but planned to bulid a package again from scratch, rather than convert 1.0 , but alonebfg beat me to it

    These are not competing packages, rather a choice for the end user.

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    I think what they call it is dedicated support rather than Jack of all trades..

    Well done to both for their hard work..

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