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EduGeek Joomla 1.0 Package Thread, Front page in Projects:; Just started to have a 'go' with joomla after hard coding html for several years, getting to grips gradually, but ...
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    Front page

    Just started to have a 'go' with joomla after hard coding html for several years, getting to grips gradually, but cannot for the life of me fathom out how to have a simple welcome message without 'read more' at the bottom of the text.
    What am I doing wrong?

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    Welcome to my world last week!

    Each bit of text is split into 2 - the main one and the read more section - you just need to move any text from the read more section into the 1st section.

    If your struggling to get the article you want to be displayed on its own then read on...

    Excuse eggs and sucking

    The middle bit of the page is called the "Front Page" area in joomla speak.

    However,to control a lot of what happens here get the admin menu up and select Menu then mainmenu and then click on Home.

    Over on the right you'll find the bits that control the layout
    Joomla! Help Site - Visual Tutorials 1.0x might help with this as well.

    Try these settings to get just one article full width
    Leading 1
    intro 0
    colums 1
    links 0
    (in default setup/template this give the science award as the only article visible in the "Front Page" area.

    Now there's many ways of controlling what appears on the "Front Page" but one way is to just make sure the article you want is the only one selected to appear there.

    To do this click close and select Content then All Content and make sure all items have a red cross against them in the Front Page column apart from the item you want to appear there (check 2nd page as well!)

    Make sure your article is published as well and selected to appear on Front Page



  3. Thanks to SimpleSi from:

    chrbb (18th May 2008)

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