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EduGeek AUP Informant Thread, Why the long pause then? in Projects:; As you've probably noticed, there's been no AUP Informant release for quite a while now. That's not to say the ...
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    Lightbulb Why the long pause then?

    As you've probably noticed, there's been no AUP Informant release for quite a while now. That's not to say the program is perfect - far from it. I've not stopped work though - there are some serious limitations to the current code and I've gone back to basics and started fresh.

    A long while ago I mused about a 2.0 release with support for AD integration. Unfortunately that's something I can't deliver due to time pressure with university work. There will, however, be some major changes that will really smooth out the installation and make the program much more flexible.

    1) The config file will die! The only reason it exists now is because the software grew quickly from something we used internally at our school to something that had to work on many different networks. The result is a cryptic xml file that needs modifying by hand. 2.0 will have a tiny server program that lets you change settings graphically and clients will pick these up instantly - no need to redeploy like before!

    2) Customisation? You've got it. Currently there's no easy way to change the text that the program displays. 2.0 will let you instantly change any piece of text and the title image from the server program.

    3) Logging and Reporting. Okay, so we have a client program that can communicate with our server program so why not do away with those awful .ini files that get written to profile folders? That's exactly what I'm doing. From the server program you can see who's accepted and who's declined the policy, as well as print HTML reports out.

    4) There when you want it - only when you want it. I'm adding several new options for choosing when the program displays. A lot of feedback I've received is along the lines of "show the program until the user accepts" and this will definitely be included. You'll still have the option to send emails, log the user off and shutdown the computer when the policy is declined.

    5) Your ideas here. Now's the time to shape the next version. At this relatively early stage it's easy to change the program so if there's something you'd like to see (or not see!) then post here and I'll see what I can do!

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