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Educational Software Thread, Software to remove colour from print jobs in Technical; No problem...
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    No problem

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    I have also done this (with the assistance of Ricoh customer support). We have totally blocked colour printing. If I need colour I can print to another printer port set up as standard TCP/IP port rather than a Equitrac port. This then bypasses equitrac completely so is not recorded. Obviously is still billed as Ricoh go off machine totals not software.

    Does anyone know how to block colour copying. We have equitrac express and PCC insstalled on our Copiers. There is no option to set up a rule. Have even tried charging £5000 per colour copy but is does not take the £5000 from the users balance but the charge still shows up on reports. So weird. I find equitrac completely confusing and inconsistant. Even Ricoh support don't know the product that well.
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    If you are printing and copying to that copier only in B+W, can you just remove the colour toners, or will the device not work with a missing toner?

    Is there no setting on the device control panel itself or in the Web GUI for the device itself to block colour copying?


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