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Educational Software Thread, Adobe Photoshop too advanced for use in schools? in Technical; ...
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    We are looking at buying it at the moment, It's blooming expensive as hell though isn't it. Although when dividing the total cost between 500 users it came out at roughly £10 per machine which wasn't too bad I suppose when you look at it that way. How easy is it to deploy? Does it run like Sibelius where it connected to the server to see how many users are running the software at any one time?

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    I work at a secondary school where we have both CS5 Master Collection & Serif; Students can choose......

    Our GCSE Art & Photography students all chose Adobe to work with, as do Media Studies. I think students pick up the Adobe skills much more readily than the staff.

    The only thing I would say the full CS5 suite is a brute of an install to deploy over a network. Our ex-ICT providers tried to push it out to 500+ systems using SCCM...... not a pretty sight.

    Also watch out for some CS5 components which mandate 64-bit OS. Premiere Pro was one of them. We are looking at a much more tailored deployment next time around instead of trying to install everything everywhere.
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    we use photoshop elements with Y6 kids up to around Y9, after that we move them onto photoshop pro CS4 (we're never up to date with Adobe products) Elements is ridiculously easy for anyone with any photoshop or image editing experience, once you learn which tools do what and ow to tweak the effects and layer options there really is no stopping you. Photoshop pro is just a less friendly interface that brings a lot more tools and options to the table.

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