Hey guys,

So... I've recently explained to my boss about this piece of software that is able to view live-desktops in various computer labs (iTALC)

And for the past week, I've been slowly getting through each computer, even though there is only like 25... However...
The install on all of them has gone fine, without a hitch. Key files are all setup, pointing to UNC file paths on the LAN - I've tested the permissions on these, and they are working fine, so is authentication.

However, when it comes to setting up the iTALC application on master computers, there is a little hitch-up which is making me want rip. my. hair. out.

I can connect the computers fine to them, I can see them being interacted with, however, after about 30 minutes, the iTALC application on the master computer will crash, completely, requiring the program to be restarted.

It keeps telling me that the application (ica.exe) has encountered an error and had to close... This is extremely annoying.

I have tried installing this on multiple iTALC versions - 2.0 and 1.9.7

But, it is still crashing, which I find to be very weird...

All the clients are running Windows XP Professional SP3 - Norton is installed on the clients, but I don't see how this could be affecting them?
The master computers are all running the same except for the main server, which is running Windows Server 2008 Standard 64 bit

If you guys have any Idea what could be causing this, could you please, please let me know?

P.S - Would any of you know what the VPN feature of the program does, I am looking into a way that we could remote view students who are not currently in the lab but are at home doing work for their respective classes using some sort of a VPN/Terminal Server solution?

- James.