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Educational Software Thread, Photoshop CS5 strange problem in Technical; First off this problem is only seen for students (mandatory profiles) When i load up Photoshop on a student account, ...
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    Photoshop CS5 strange problem

    First off this problem is only seen for students (mandatory profiles)

    When i load up Photoshop on a student account, it loads fine first time and you can play around in it. Then you close down Photoshop and try and load it a second time and it crashes, if you then do the "hold ctrl+alt+shift" trick to delete the preferences file it'll load again...twice, before crashing again on the next load.

    The files the ctrl+alt+shift trick deletes are "color settings.csf" and "workspace prefs.psp" in appdata/roaming/adobe/adobe photoshop CS5/adobe photoshop CS5 settings.

    I've not had this problem until recently, so unless it's been caused by some windows or adobe update i can't really put my finger on anything else that could have caused it, it happens on every machine i image at the moment.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Google isn't much help

    EDIT: Tried deleting the two files the ctrl+alt+shift fix deletes manually and then starting it but it doesn't work, so must be resetting something else?

    EDIT2: Ok deleting all 6 settings files within the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Settings folder allows it to delete, workaround with a batch file is complete. Now how the hell do i fix the actual problem?
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