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Educational Software Thread, Digi Blue Movie Creator V3 (Education) Problems Networking in Technical; HAs anyone managed to succesfully network a Digi Blue in their suite? We have tried and although we follow the ...
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    Digi Blue Movie Creator V3 (Education) Problems Networking

    HAs anyone managed to succesfully network a Digi Blue in their suite? We have tried and although we follow the instructions every time you log back in the programme asks you to point to the shared resources. Have had a troll through the dll's and config files and can't find anything that we would need to include in the users log-in profile to stop this happening!

    At the moment we run it as a local install and then have to copy the videos onto teh server once teh kids have left.

    This has even got a network administrators at two other places stumped as well. Nothing logical seems to work.

    Cheers and a happy 2012 to one and all.


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    Instructions were rubbish/incomplete. This does work for version 3.1.1 but you have to put the network location for user files (common files/videos, and where they save) in the registry on client boxes.

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    Save yourself the bother and just ditch the software, its hopeless. Use the cameras and then get the files off by using it as a storage device and use Movie Maker, Helium Frog, etc etc.

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