We have a problem with the SMART Notebook Document writer, which some teachers use.

I produce a simple Word 2010 document with text, and print to the document writer, it crashes out with an error message "Cannot open the file. If the file is saved from a newer version of SMART Notebook, try saving it as a version 9 document instead". This is on SMART Notebook version If I export the file as an XPS document (the only other file type I can export to from Word and be able to import it into Notebook) and import that into, it works fine.

So I try a different system with the latest 10.8.634.0 version and produce the same very simple text document, and try and print that to the Notebook Document writer. That crashes on the file xpsfileconverter.exe every time. If I export it to an XPS file and import that into 10.8.634.0, that crashes with the same error.

Anyone else come across these errors at all?