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Educational Software Thread, Smartboard Notebook deploy problem in Technical; Hey guys I've been banging my head against a problem I've been having with a software push for Smartboard's Notebook ...
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    Smartboard Notebook deploy problem

    Hey guys

    I've been banging my head against a problem I've been having with a software push for Smartboard's Notebook app, and really hope someone can lend a hand.

    I created a custom transform using SMART's Install manager (Nothing too fancy, specifies the location of gallery content, product key, turns off auto update, etc)
    it's then pushed as an msiexec process using GoverLAN, running as an administrator account. However, after the install completes, if a regular teacher/student account tries to launch it, Notebook ALWAYS crashes at launch. The error messages are varied, but they're all along the veins of this one:
    NOTEBOOK.exe caused an exception_access_violation in module <UNKNOWN>
    The module listed is usually different, sometimes it's notebook.exe itself, other times it's a dll file and sometimes it's just plain <UNKNOWN>

    This will continue until Notebook is run once as an admin user, after which it works just fine for everyone.
    Needless to say, I really don't want to have to manually log into every single teacher's computer and run notebook, so I'd like to figure out just what's causing this.

    I'd really appreciate any insight that you have, considering the fact that the faculty's getting a little antsy to put these smartboards to use.


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    I suspect that on the first run of the Notebook software it tries to register some regkeys or similar, doing a process that only an administrator has rights to do, but is only required once. I am assuming this because I am guessing teachers have no admin rights.

    The problerm with SMART Notebook is that it seems to never work properly when deployed when used it an image etc, we have put in in an image before and the autostart of the smart tools broke. Then there is the SMART Notebook Printer to convert to notebook files, only works reliably if your an administrator and you installed it.

    Sadly my advice would be to login every computer once and run it.

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    Deploying notebook is a real pain.

    First you have to remove any old versions of the software. You need to contact them and get a removal tool.

    Then make sure you have the latest windows installer installed on the pc. I think this is the one that has to go on but please check Download: Windows Installer 4.5 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details. Its an exe so you have to remove it manually and gpo will not uninstall it properly. Then install the windows update update and once the program and the driver are installed manually get it to detect the board otherwise it ignores the latest board and I have no idea why.

    I some total its a pain when you have them all over school.

    Then it will install.


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    i cant say we have any problems with it, i made an msi and deploy it with active directory and group policy if it needs a quick update i just remote onto the machine and do it.

    we have it accross about 50 machines and have never had a problem at all.

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