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Educational Software Thread, Science Scope Datadisk in Technical; I run what I would call a normal school network, 2003 Server, Active Directory, with windows XP clients and restricted ...
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    Science Scope Datadisk

    I run what I would call a normal school network, 2003 Server, Active Directory, with windows XP clients and restricted users (i.e. they can’t write to the hard drive or registry or change settings) and there files are redirected to appear in my docs. Please comment if you think this is strange!

    I can not get data disk to install what ever I do, I have tried making my own MSI and running from a file server all with varying degrees of failure.

    The MSI they provided me was for a CC3 network and required me mapping 3 drives on every machine for one program one with write access. They did write me a new MSI but it required write access to registry and hard drive the first time it was run.

    Software Company In Question are trying to imply that using (redirected) my documents and not allowing write access (for pupils) to the programs home folder is uncommon.

    Please could I have some comments on this, am I going mad ?

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    Re: Science Scope Datadisk

    Seems perfectly reasonable to me, same setup as what I've got.

    I've only ever done single machine installations of Datadisc though, never tried a network install.

    Seems strange they'd only supply a CC3 msi...

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    Re: Science Scope Datadisk

    My network is set up in roughly the same way. Nothing unusual about it just that software designers just want the easy life with the usual get out clause of 'It not our problem, its your network set up!"

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    Re: Science Scope Datadisk

    When we asked about the availability of an .msi for Datadisk PT, we were quoted £100 for them to write one and got the distinct impression they couldn't be bothered.

    Expecting an .msi package isn't an unreasonable request. Attempting to charge another £100 when we'd already bought it takes the mickey.

    We rolled our own.

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    Re: Science Scope Datadisk

    I have no issues using Datadisk AG on my networked machiens in Science. But they were installed 1 by 1 (only got 4 licences for it so no point in MSI'ing etc)

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