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Educational Software Thread, Smart Notebook 9.7 released in Technical; As usual - no change logs - -no release notes - no email telling me about it - no info ...
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    Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    As usual - no change logs - -no release notes - no email telling me about it - no info on news pages etc etc etc :x
    And only thing I can find - a pdf - doesn't open. :x

    Probably created with Acrobat 24

    I'll bet V9.7 files don't open on 9.5 and we'll be back in the mud again once some bright spark in the DFES uses it and sends out files to all teachers. :x



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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    I am able to open the Pdf file in Firefox, but its more a list of features than a list of changes, to be honest I have no idea if half this stuff in this pdf was present in 9.5 anyway

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    Although you can pick up a pen (or use your finger) to write in digital ink on
    a SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard, SMART Board software also
    contains many features that enhance your interactive whiteboard’s
    Notebook™ Software Overview
    Use Notebook software to create, organize and save notes on a SMART
    Board interactive whiteboard, Sympodium™ interactive pen display or
    your desktop computer. If you make notes over another application, you
    can capture an image of this application and your notes to Notebook
    software. These notes (as well as any other notes and images you make)
    then become objects that you can manipulate and reorganize.
    Notebook Software Components
    Notebook Files
    • Notebook files can contain an unlimited number of pages.
    • Notebook files are cross-platform compatible. Any computer running
    SMART Board software 9.7, regardless of the operating system, can
    open a Notebook file.
    • You can attach documents, shortcuts to files and website links to
    Notebook files using the Attachments tab. Notebook software
    compresses attached files to ensure the Notebook file size remains
    Notebook Pages
    • The Page Sorter tab displays a thumbnail of each page and can be
    placed on the left or right side of the workspace. It’s also expandable,
    so you can display thumbnails in single or multiple rows.
    • Drag-and-drop to sort pages on the Page Sorter tab.
    • Send files as e-mail attachments from Notebook software.
    • Drag Gallery items, templates and Adobe® Flash® files from the
    Gallery tab to the current page. The Gallery tab is a customizable
    collection of images, Flash files and templates that comes with
    Notebook software.
    • Automatic date and time stamping for each page you create.
    • Optional naming of individual pages.
    • View two Notebook pages simultaneously using Dual Page Display.
    • Pin a page in place to keep it visible when you’re in Dual Page Display
    • Extend Notebook pages vertically to fit more information.
    • Optional background color for individual pages.
    • Create your own single-page templates and store them in the Gallery
    (reusable in any Notebook file).
    • Cover a page with the Screen Shade to focus audience attention. You
    can extend or retract the shade from all four sides.
    Notebook Gallery Collections
    The Gallery tab contains a large library of images, page templates and
    Flash file collections in many subject categories. Use the My Content
    category for imported Gallery items and Flash files from other sources.
    You can rename and reorganize collections, or lock the Gallery to prevent
    Notebook Software’s Gallery collection includes:
    • more than 6,100 total items
    • more than 4,200 images
    • more than 1,000 templates
    • more than 40 interactive Flash items
    You can use the Gallery to:
    • import and integrate image files in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .wmf, .emf, .tiff, .tif,
    .bmp, .dib or .gif format
    • import and integrate video files in .mpeg, .avi, .mov or .flv format
    • import and integrate audio files in MP3 format
    • rotate, resize, store and write over video and streaming video
    • search Gallery items by keyword with the Pen tool or SMART
    In addition to the Gallery collections that are included with Notebook
    software, you can download additional items from smarttech.com. We add
    new collections every month. Also, the SMART website offers hundreds of
    lesson activities, with more added regularly.
    Objects on the Notebook Page
    You can modify the objects on a Notebook page in a variety of ways. You
    • rotate an object
    • resize an object
    • flip an object horizontally or vertically
    • lock an object to protect it from editing.
    • drag an object to another page using the Page Sorter tab
    • link an object to a website, local document, or Notebook page
    • change an object’s line color, line thickness, fill color or transparency
    • convert handwriting into typed text in 10 languages
    • use rich text formatting on a text object
    • add superscripts, subscripts and scientific symbols
    • rearrange an object within a stack of objects
    • group and ungroup objects
    • clone one or more objects an unlimited number of times
    • import Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation files, or export Notebook
    files in PowerPoint format (.ppt)
    Notebook Software Functions
    Save Functions
    In addition to standard Save and Save As functions, you can also save
    any page as a Gallery item for repeated use.
    Export Functions
    • Export a Notebook file to a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF,
    .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .png and Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) format.
    • Define automatic exporting at a specific interval or whenever you move
    to a new page.
    Print Functions
    • Print all pages in a Notebook file or a selection of pages.
    • Print Notebook pages in thumbnail format (several per printed page),
    as handouts with room to write, or in full-size format (one Notebook
    page per printed page).
    • Add a header, footer or date information to each printed page.
    Edit Functions
    • Unlimited Undo and Redo functions
    • Unlimited Clone
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Delete
    • Recognize as text (handwriting conversion)
    • Select All
    • Select All Locked Notes
    • Spelling Check
    • Clear Page
    • Delete Page

    View Functions
    • Full Screen option (no title bar, menu bar or Windows task bar).
    • Zoom from 50%–300%.
    • View two pages at once in Dual Page Display mode.
    • Page Sorter tab, Gallery tab and Attachments tab. Keep a tab open by
    clearing the Auto-hide check box at the bottom of the tabs.
    • Page Sorter view (displays thumbnails of all pages in your Notebook
    • Gallery view (displays a custom collection of images and templates;
    additional content is available for download from the SMART Education
    website [education.smarttech.com] or smarttech.com).
    • Screen Shade (pull down to gradually reveal the page contents).
    Insert Functions
    • Insert a blank Notebook page anywhere in the file.
    • Insert images, animated .gif files, Flash files and templates from other
    applications to the Gallery or to the current page.
    • Insert scanned pictures.
    • Insert .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .tiff and .wmf graphic files.
    • Insert hyperlinks (either associated with a single object or as a text
    • Use the Print Capture driver feature to import entire files from other
    applications with the formatting and page breaks intact.
    • Use the Screen Capture feature to insert screen captures of your notes
    (and underlying application image) on the current page.
    Format Functions
    • Use any TrueType font installed on your computer in point sizes from 8
    to 72.
    • Format text to make it bold, underlined, italicized, colored or
    • Add bullets to text in a text box.
    • Align text to the right, left or center.
    • Resize text in text boxes to any size by pressing and dragging.
    Drawing Functions
    • Draw using the Pen tool, Creative Pen tool, Line tool and Shapes tool.
    • Creative Pen tool ink includes lines of stars, flowers and happy faces.
    • Change drawing tools’ fill and outline color, thickness, and line ends.
    • Convert handwritten notes to text.
    Toolbar Buttons
    • New Document
    • Open Document
    • Save Document
    • Paste
    • Zoom
    • Undo
    • Redo
    • Delete Selected Object
    • Previous Page
    • Next Page
    • Insert Blank Page
    • Screen Shade
    • Full Screen View
    • Screen Capture, Freehand
    • Select
    • Pen (customizable)
    • Creative Pen (customizable)
    • Eraser (customizable)
    • Line (customizable)
    • Shapes (customizable)
    – Triangle
    – Circle
    – Square
    – Diamond
    – Pentagon
    – Hexagon
    – Rhombus
    – Arrow
    – Trapezoid
    – Star
    – Check Mark
    – X-mark
    – Thought Balloon
    – Speech Balloon
    NOTE: You can click the
    drop-down arrow next to a Tool
    button to customize its behavior
    and characteristics.
    • New Text Box
    • Fonts Toolbar:
    – Font Selection
    – Font Sizes (8–72 points)
    – Italic Text
    – Bold Text
    – Underline Text
    – Left Justified
    – Center Justified
    – Right Justified
    – Text Direction
    – Bullets
    – Subscript
    – Superscript
    – Scientific Symbols
    – Choose Color
    Other SMART Board Software Tools
    Start Center
    A customizable toolbar that provides instant access to SMART Board
    tools and any other applications or files you use often.
    SMART Recorder
    Record everything you do on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.
    If you have a microphone, you can also record everything you say.
    SMART recorder produces .avi files that you can view with SMART Video
    Player or another media player.
    Screen Shade
    Control the information displayed by placing a shade over the screen.
    Drag it back from any of its four sides to show material gradually.
    Enlarges any area so the audience can see details on the screen.
    Floating Tools
    This tool palette, which floats over all applications, can contain over 20
    functions, including Right-Click, Screen Capture, Creative Pen, Magnifier,
    Screen Shade, Spotlight, Calculator, Keyboard and Eraser. You can
    customize, rotate and resize the palette and make it transparent.
    SMART Video Player
    Use SMART Video Player to view videos and use the pen tray tools to
    write over them while they play. You can also configure Video Player to
    pause while you make notes.
    LinQ Software
    To share information quickly, connect your laptop to the interactive
    whiteboard’s host computer using your wired or wireless network. Then
    control your laptop from the interactive screen.
    Mobile Device Manager
    Allows laptops running LinQ software to control the interactive whiteboard
    without physically connecting to it. The laptop must be connected to the
    same network as the interactive whiteboard’s host computer.
    SMART Keyboard
    Use the on-screen keyboard to type text, numbers, formulae and symbols
    into any application directly from the screen surface. Views include
    Number Pad, Write, Shortcut and Simple.
    SMART Ink Aware
    Works in the background with many presentation, word-processing,
    graphics, tablet computer and conferencing applications. When you use
    an application that’s Ink Aware, whatever you write or draw on the
    interactive screen automatically becomes an actual component of the file,
    rather than an external note created over the file.
    Supported applications are automatically Ink Aware, and include:
    • AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT® software
    • Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Paint, Visio, Journal, Imaging,
    OneNote, Live Meeting and Office XP for Tablets software
    • Adobe Acrobat Standard 6.0
    • AutoVue™ Professional software
    • Corel® Grafigo™ and CorelDRAW® software
    • Corel Presentations™ software (version only)
    • OpenOffice.org Suite 2.0
    • Microsoft NetMeeting® 2, 2.1 and 3
    • Volo View™ Express software 1.14
    • ArcView® software
    Instant Conferencing
    Instant Conferencing uses Bridgit™ conferencing software to create
    online audio and video conferences, or to share applications and

    SMART Technologies Inc.
    1207 – 11 Avenue SW, Suite 300
    Calgary, AB T3C 0M5
    Support +1.403.228.5940 or Toll Free 1.866.518.6791 (Canada/U.S.)
    Support Fax +1.403.806.1256
    support@smarttech.com www.smarttech.com
    © 2006–2007 SMART Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. SMART Board, smarttech, Bridgit, Notebook, Sympodium, LinQ, DViT and the SMART logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of
    SMART Technologies Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other third-party product and company names may be trademarks of their respective owners. 05/2007.
    Other Features
    Restore Lost Notes—If you accidentally lose a note written over an
    application, restore it by pressing the Click Here to Restore Writing
    button that appears automatically in the lower right-hand corner when a
    note disappears.
    On-Screen Display Controls—The Display Controls preserve your
    projector lamp or flat-panel display by turning off the projector lamp or flatpanel
    display after the screen saver becomes active. This feature also
    allows you to switch inputs, adjust volume, etc. using the interactive
    Multiple Display Capability—You can operate multiple SMART Board
    interactive whiteboards from the same computer.
    Mouse Settings—Use Mouse Assist to press small screen elements like
    close buttons, scroll bars and resize handles. Use the Double-Click Zone
    to setting customize two presses as a double-click.
    Variable Orientation Levels—The default nine-point orientation level is
    ideal for most purposes, but there’s also a four-point orientation for fast
    orientation, a 12-point orientation for wide-screen interactive whiteboards
    and a 20-point level for precise orientation.
    Hover Mode/Touch Gestures (DViT™ Technology Only)—Use two
    fingers to perform a right click or to scroll through files.
    Multi-Touch (3- and 4-Camera DViT Technology Only)—Two people
    can write or draw on one interactive whiteboard simultaneously, or one
    person can draw with both hands.
    Configurable Pen Tray Tools
    • Customize the digital ink’s color, width and transparency.
    • Change the pen tray eraser’s size.
    • Customize the pen tray buttons to move to the previous or next page,
    print the current page, produce a floating mouse, right- or middle-click,
    or clear the screen of all notes.
    Additional Free Education Content and Training Materials
    Lesson Activities—Hundreds of free, ready-to-use, curriculum-specific
    lessons at education.smarttech.com, with more added regularly.
    Speller Software—Students learn to spell by writing or dragging letters
    into place.
    Number Cruncher Software—Generates math equations and marks
    student responses.
    Training Materials—Learn to use your SMART product with our quick
    reference guides, hands-on practice exercises and Two-Minute Tutorials.

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    Change log here: http://www2.smarttech.com/kbdoc/97061

    (PDF file, of course!)

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    What page did they hide it on?

    [EDIT]found it - it wasn't there when I first posted [/EDIT]


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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    The changelog always seems to come after the release. Wait a few days and they'll put on the admin install and gallery.

    Doesn't seem to be much in it that's better.

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    Does anyone here get a heads up from Smart when they do a new release?



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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    Great! Don;t tell the ICT Co-ordinator! She is obsessed with it!

    got a note every few months ago saying "Every PC MUST have the latest smartnotes"

    Told her I put out 9.5 with gallery previously and I was not going to roll out !

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    I only very quickly skimmed over Jake's posting, but 99% of it is in 9.5. The dual-view is new and the unlimited pages might or might not be, if 9.5 has got a limit, then none of my users have found it yet!

    I hope they haven't gone and removed the cross-compatibility again, just like they did from 9.2 to 9.5 - I'll download 9.7 at home and see...

    I'm sure that like the other versions they will release an administrative install version, which will go on with only a little tweaking to personalise it first.

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    One difference I like is that you can now use the pen to write on flash objects. Doesn't sound like a huge improvement but we've got loads of great maths tools (from Dfes and the http://www.interactive-resources.co.uk/ stuff (excellent value BTW) converted from exe to swf) and I was going to put them into a shared gallery so people could actually find them and use them more easily. But in the old version it was a right PITA because you couldn't write on them. I emailed smart and they've actually included it in the new version - a software company that listens!

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    Ok - after a very (very) quick play...

    In 9.7 you can open 9.5 files and the old .xbx files too.

    Once you have saved a file in 9.7 it will open in 9.5!!!

    However the new feature of "text direction" doesn't carry across in the save from 9.7 back to 9.5.

    I'll keep playing.


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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    how many cds/dvds is it this time?

    we still use version 9.1, because we paid for training, and all the resources came made on version 9.1, and won't work on the newer versions.

    the main advantage of V9.1 is its all on 1 cd, and takes minutes to install.

    when are smart going to release a one cd version again, that is backwards compatible with all previous versions ???, and also has no naggs about improving the customer experience blah blah

    on the plus side i like the fact you can export as a .pdf

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    For a comprehensive list of what is included in the SMART Board software 9.7 release you can download the following knowledge base article http://www2.smarttech.com/kbdoc/97061.

    You can still open files made in 9.5 in 9.7. We didn't change the .notebook file format.

    The sysem administrator version is now available.

    As for being notified when new versions are available, you can set your software to check for updates at whatever frequency you prefer. If you don't have the option selected to check for updates then the software won't notify you. You can check that option from the SMART Board system tray icon and selecting check for updates.

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    I'm halfway through pushing out 9.5 at the present Will have to keep this quiet for a while methinks.

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    Re: Smart Notebook 9.7 released

    This release is abit buggy, but working with their support we have a deployable package that will install the software and the Smart Educator Gallery.

    The only issue left is to silently remove the Smart Educator Gallery, it takes a registry setting to allow silent uninstall of the program. But the Gallery files are not removed.

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