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Educational Software Thread, Odyssey Software suddenly not working. in Technical; We use Odyssey careers software, which is installed on one of our servers. The shortcut is then placed on the ...
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    Odyssey Software suddenly not working.

    We use Odyssey careers software, which is installed on one of our servers. The shortcut is then placed on the desktops of the kids computers and they launch it from here. It has worked fine for what’s been over 12 months but no it’s stopped. We use a mapped drive to the users PC’s and the shortcut is done through the mapped drive letter O:. If I log onto the server it is fine but if I run it from the PC’s in question it does not work. I know it is not a permissions thing as I have given my account full control to the files and it still does not work. If I map the drive on the server it is installed on it still works but the shortcuts do not work on any other computers. The error that comes up is this ‘Could not locate database E:\Odyssey\JobFIle\JobFile.abs’

    For some reason it says E:, I have changed the ini file in question to O and it still does not work. I can’t see what has changed because we have done nothing to the server at all.

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    Re: Odyssey Software suddenly not working.

    Hi tosca925,

    Just wondering if you ever manged to resolve this issue??

    I have just installed it for the first time and was trying to get the shortcut working from just using the unc path e.g. \\servername\sharename\Odyssey.exe

    I have also edited the paths in the odyssey.ini file to \\servername\share\OdysseyPlus\JobFile but this hasn't helped. The program works fine on the server itself but I can't actually find the Jobfile.abs file as it is!!!!! 8O

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