If you're on Eclipse.Net 11.7.20.*, upgrade to 11.8 to avoid irate Librarians.

11.7.20.* doesn't talk to Discovery Online properly through a Squid proxy (i.e Smoothwall, anything that runs Linux under the covers) or any proxy using HTTP 1.0. A brief test shows it just falls over against SW when attempting to use HTTP 1.1.


  • Adding a book via ISBN / barcode scan will look up the book jacket image without a problem, but will fail to look up any book details (title, author, pub date, etc).
  • If you use the Configuration tool to check the proxy connection, lookups will appear to work fine.
  • Your librarian may be found ranting about having to manually enter umpteen book details.

11.8 release note:

Discovery Online –
Issue with Squid HTTP 1.0 Proxy Protocol fixed