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Educational Software Thread, edexcel business gcse pilot 07 in Technical; Just got the latest version. now it uses dot net 2 instead of dot net 1 and the permissions have ...
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    edexcel business gcse pilot 07

    Just got the latest version. now it uses dot net 2 instead of dot net 1 and the permissions have to be applied using a dos cmdline prog called caspol.

    we already have a network install, so replacing the files no prob. dot net2 seems to be installed phew. we've made an msi to roll out the permissions although this will only work if the software is installed on h:\exam-bus
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    Re: edexcel business gcse pilot 07

    We found out that the latest version uses .NET2 when the kids logged on to start their exam yesterday!!

    We'd run the Mock successfully in all 3 computer rooms, but the actual exam crashed out on all the computers in one room.

    Phoned Edexcel - no solution offered, so we rescheduled the exam into 3 sessions instead of 2. No further problems running the tests in those rooms.

    It was only by pure luck that the exam ran in any of our rooms, as we had no idea until lunchtime yesterday that there might be a .NET security issue.

    FFS - why change the software between running the mock & actual exams??!!

    Uploading the results was another drama, getting the message "Edexcel-online is experiencing technical problems - please try later. Unfortunately, "later" the Essex Broadband system fell over (for the fourth consecutive day!!) so I had to take the responses home & upload from there.

    Altogether, not an unqualified success!!!


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