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Educational Software Thread, Avoid Sibelius Upgrade rip off in Technical; A further update for those that are interested. @rich_tech discovered a problem where certain instruments were not playing in large ...
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    A further update for those that are interested.

    @rich_tech discovered a problem where certain instruments were not playing in large orchestral pieces. He had installed the updated application, the fixes and the three CDs worth of sound content - which are labelled Sound Content 1, 2 and 3 (or something similar).

    A week had passed and @rich_tech was ripping his hair out trying to find out what was going on - he decided to shave his head to help :-) Nothing could be found on Google - but last night a post in the depths of a Google search said that a user had installed '4 disks of sound files' - 4 disks? 4 disks? We only have three disks!!!!!

    Turns out there are sound files on the main application disk as well. Oh yes indeed there are. We didn't know this and there was no label to tell us. We just installed the app from the network after copying it across.

    Anyhow if we had run the DVD as a standalone DVD then we would have seen the menu option that offers us the opportunity to install sound files.

    Oh dear.

    Never mind - it's all fixed now but beware - there are 4 content disks not three (if you are seeing the same issue as us).


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    ^^I noticed this when installing, as there were a large number of sound files missing and the count of the discs didn't add up on the installer. I was looking to see if there were any other apps on the first disc, and noticed the extra sound files there. Well, at *huge amount* per copy, they're not going to waste precious DVD-Rs on content!

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    Today, March 13, 2013, there is a press release accessed by Finale's blog that everyone will be interested in. I wrote Siblelius, Maestro, and Finale (MakeMusic.com) regarding the things I wanted to score that are impossible on Sibelius 3, my (un)current notation software. The Sibelius sales rep wrote he is sure the latest version does what I require, and suggested downloading a 30 day trial. I don't have time to spend finding out if it works. Finale sales rep answered one critical question regarding notation, and when I asked regarding the others and in more detail, suggesting I could send a fax of 5-10 measures, he referred me to tech support, which answered my questions. Finale does the oddities I want (notes without stems, irregular metered measures, and more), and their customer service was reliable. They have been offering for $140, an upgrade from their competitor's software, and the list is long. I am getting Finale after I pick up my next used computer in a few days.

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