Hi All

I've managed to install SmartNote Book onto our network however i've got a couple of issues that i'm hoping you can help me with!

the first time the software is run (when it tries to activate) - i get a popup box asking for a username and password - inital thoughts were a firewall issue - so i allowed access to all the required websites etc but it still pops up. clicking cancel gets rid of it and you can carry on as normal.
It only seems to occur the first time it is run, so anyboady else who uses it again doesn't see the box but i'm not sure if it will try again in another 7 or 30 days! just wondered if there was a reg key that could be tweakd? i've use compare it for a before and after but they were both the same!

The other issue is when the software is run for the first time the opening screen is the Tutorial for SMART Notebook 10.7.notebook. what it seems to do is to check to see if you've got that file in my documents. if you already have it it will present you with a blank page but if not it opens the Tutorial for SMART Notebook 10.7.notebook screen and copies the file into my Docs. meaning that we have 2000+ copies of this file on our servers!!! anyone any ideas on that two!!!

I've tried contact smart board themselves but the number on the website is wrong!!! - i get a number not recognised - does anyone have an updated number?