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    Oxbox Maths Fun.

    So with the new software being pushed out this year, maths have asked to install this fun piece of software but Iím having issues.

    Installs on the server fine and will work for an admin fine on the client, but try and run it as a normal user and we get an error message which is just the file path when you try to load/run any resources.

    We have given everyone read and write access to the folder and children on the server but that hasnít changed anything.

    Tried searching Google but nothing and loathed to call their tech support.

    Any ideas would be most appreciated.

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    I had issues with this software because there are some many exe's. I ended up making a file rule for each one.

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    Tech support is ok & at least you'll understand him! The folder should just allow share to everyone full and security to read for pupils should be fine. Make sure that none of the files are marked read only. I run it on vista and xp fine with restricted pupils, so it can work.

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    How have you installed it on the clients? Network Client, standalone? Are you just running it from a shared drive?

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