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Educational Software Thread, 2Simple Software (Windows 7 Update) in Technical; I am currently installing all our junior school software onto a laptop which has been upgraded to Windows 7 to ...
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    Question 2Simple Software (Windows 7 Update)

    I am currently installing all our junior school software onto a laptop which has been upgraded to Windows 7 to test that it is all working. One thing I have come accross that is have issues is a few titles from the 2Simple collection. On their website they state that all their software is Windows 7 compliant (http://goo.gl/j3kVX) but wehen installing 2Animate I am coming up against issues.

    It will install right to the end and the hang at "Registering Files". Eventually I have to go into task manager and kill the process which leaves me with a piece of software that doesn't work and also refuse's to uninstall!!

    I have tried to install the DLL pack for this piece that 2Simple provide and it is failing on edcrypt30.ocx and prevdlg10.ocx. Has anyone else run into this problem or know a way around it?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi john give 2simple support a call .. they are ace and will be able to help ...

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    Log a case here - 2Simple Software - Making simple, powerful & creative educational software - Contact Us (or call as above), they respond pretty quick. I had a similar problem where 2createastory wouldn't work on windows 7 last week, they just emailed me a link to the latest version and it worked fine.

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    Hi Jon

    Older versions of 2Simple software do tend to have problems installing on Vista and Win7. Please send an email to support@2simple.com with your school name and email address and we'll email you download links of the latest versions of all the programs your school has licences for.


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    While it's hanging go to task processes and there will be a tmp dll process, end it and it will complete installation. Works for me

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