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Educational Software Thread, Promethean ActivExpressions in Technical; Hi Our school have just purchased 4 batches of Promethean ActivExpression Learning responce systems. I had no idea they were ...
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    Promethean ActivExpressions


    Our school have just purchased 4 batches of Promethean ActivExpression Learning responce systems. I had no idea they were going to buy them.

    I've now been given the task of installing them on our CC4 network, and I'm really struggling (I've even wrote down what every "Activ" product is as its so confusing)

    I've currently tried to use the network install to create an msi in a shared area. I've then tried to make it look like a CC3 package and import it into the RMMC. When staff try to plug in the Activehub it does not recognise it in ActiveManager?

    Any ideas? Has anyone managed to get this working on CC4?

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    Has the driver installed properly, and have you updated the firmware on the hub?

    Maybe try doing a manual install of the driver on one pc and see if it works on that one.

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    Disclaimer: I don't have a clue about CC4, so this may not be relevant to you.

    Here is what I found most useful for a network install. I install from the dvd on one computer. After that I download the update on that computer, and save it. When you install that, it makes an msi in this folder: C:\Documents and Settings\~username~\Local Settings\Temp. I then download a new ActivManager from the website and install it as well, and it makes an msi in that folder as well. They might be in sub-folders. I then run the ActivManager.msi from a shortcut with a '/passive' and a '/norestart' tag, and it goes through it quickly. If you want default settings in ActivInspire, you can do pretty much the same thing. If you want to change some of the settings you need to make a .mst file with the network installer and have it in the same file with the same name as the .msi file. For example, ActivInspire.mst in the same folder as ActivInspire.msi

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    Expressions can't be installed on a network. They do come with the Inspire software, so maybe that's what you're referring to. Go to prometheankb.com which is their knowledge base. search network install, there's a detailed guide available. You can't use expressions without the software having been installed. Expressions are registered to an included USB hub. Once registered that hub and the devices can be moved from room (computer) to room and used for assesment.

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