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Educational Software Thread, Word Perfect 12 Problems in Technical; Oh how I HATE!!! this program I am now starting to have issues with WP12, it started out with affecting ...
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    Word Perfect 12 Problems

    Oh how I HATE!!! this program

    I am now starting to have issues with WP12, it started out with affecting only 1 user but now it has spread to 3 different users that I am aware of. When this student tries to lanuch wp12 they receive the error message " cannont initialize templates. The most likey reason is an invalid template path" This only happens to this user, anyone else can log onto that computer and run wp12 without problems. I have tried everything that I can think of. I have deleted the application data folder for that user, tried making the user an administrator. Repaired the user account. Not quite sure of what else to do. Anyone else come across this problem before??? I am starting to some teachers breathing down my neck, because this student can not do his work.

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    Re: Word Perfect 12 Problems

    Try giving them a completely fresh profile. I know you have already tried to delete the appdata but the problem may lie elsewhere.

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