Small annoyance here with Office 2003 but only really Publisher! I have mandatory profiles, and re-directed home drives, so it maps My Documents to \\server\students\%USERNAME% (dont need to be tidyer than that as its a primary school so only 46 folders) and I also for good measure map H: to the same path.

Now Word, Excel, Access all work and go to My Documents fine, but Publisher thinks hmm I know better and goes back to the profile path for the account I create the profile with so that path is \\server\students\PROFILE which users don't have access to, so when they go File Save As in Publisher it goes boom access deneyed a few times then goes to My Computer and they can select the H drive and off they go.

Now where am I going wrong, should my profile account not have that policy applied to it so it gets a local documents location, is Publisher just being a PITA or am I missing something here? Any thoughts?