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Educational Software Thread, Strange Linear Dimensions in ProDesktop 8 in Technical; Hello, I'm having some trouble when using the "Linear Dimension" tool in an Engineering Drawing with Pro Desktop 8 (build ...
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    Strange Linear Dimensions in ProDesktop 8


    I'm having some trouble when using the "Linear Dimension" tool in an Engineering Drawing with Pro Desktop 8 (build 1067 running on Windows 7 x32 bit).

    When I use the linear dimension tool to measure part of a drawing, I sometimes get a strange measurement that displays a value of something like 15-// or 03-03 instead of a normal measurement like 92.00 or 88.00.

    Does anyone know of a way to stop this happening? Or could this be something I am doing wrong?

    I've attached a screenshot of the problem so you can see what I mean.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    We are having the exact same problem, although I have found the fix, that in turn creates another problem! Arrgghhh! We use Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit

    In the Tools - Options - Performance menu, there is a check box that says "Disable graphics hardware acceleration". We have to have this ticked, as we were having a problem with dimensions not showing while doing a Design Drawing, for example, drawing out a rectangle should show 100x50. If the box is un-ticked, it is impossible to tell how big you are making an object.

    So, with the box ticked, going into an engineering drawing with result in dimensions like you Skibby, 01/-// or 93-//. This might seem basic, but simply un-ticking the box seems to fix the problem.

    UPDATE: I just tried it then. It seems I can leave the box ticked, create a design drawing, then go into options and un-tick the box, create the engineering drawing and the dimensions work! Woohoo! I know this is a round about way, but hey, if it works it works. Engineering drawings are not done that often.

    An FYI: You do not need to close and open the program each time ticking and un-ticking the box. That setting takes effect on the next drawing you create.

    Anyone having this issue, please reply here if it works for you! I just wish there was current Windows 7 support for ProDesktop, it is such a great program and easy to use.

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    Hi Has anyone else found another solution for this problem? We are running windows 7 32bit. It only happens on one machine (an older one).

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