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Educational Software Thread, Adobe Reader 10.0.1 Enterprise is really 10.0.0 in Technical; ...
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    Adobe Reader 10.0.1 Enterprise is really 10.0.0

    Quote Originally Posted by AngryTechnician
    After holding back on Adobe Reader X until version 10.0.1 was released to fix some typically egregious bugs (including one with opening files on DFS paths), I went to deploy it this week. Having dutifully signed up for the ridiculous and unnecessary annual distribution licence, I downloaded the enterprise distribution installer, unsurprisingly named AdbeRdr1001_en_US.exe.

    I installed it on a test rig, and was honestly not surprised to find that the DFS bug was still there. What did surprise me was the reason: when I went to check the version number, and found I had 10.0.0 installed.

    I then double-checked the .msi I’d extracted from the setup program with Orca, and, lo and behold:

    Examining the versions in the File table yielded the same story: the version of the core AcroRd32.dll was listed as, when it should have been

    In short, Adobe have published the wrong version on their official site and FTP server. There are precious few conclusions that can be drawn from this other than that they have no idea what on earth they are doing on a day to day basis.

    If you want the actual 10.0.1 version, you need to apply the appropriate .msp patch from the Adobe Reader update page.
    From: Adobe Reader 10.0.1 enterprise download is actually bug-filled version 10.0.0 « The Angry Technician

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    Not really surprised anymore (built my own from 10.0.0 and the .msp when I deployed).

    There's also still rather annoying bugs introduced by Protected Mode too. Found that if you drag+drop more than 2 .pdf files onto a printer using 10.0.1 it will choke and eventually print. If you dump 3-4 it will choke, spawn two reader processes per file, hang and then whine about turning off Protected Mode (which fixes the issue).

    This information brought to you by our finance dept who have a habit of dropping batches of 60 pdfs onto printers in one go.

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    I had thought about posting this on Edugeek myself, but figured anyone on here would have spotted it during testing. Kind of tragic that the incorrect binaries have been on Adobe's site for a month now.

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    I've been overall thoroughly impressed with Reader X, it's gone out to pretty much all machines via GPO, wiping 7 which we had previously on the way in and had zero reported issues...!! I couldn't quite believe it!

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