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Educational Software Thread, Kodu Game lab on RM CC3 network in Technical; Hi all, I've created 2 packages (Microsoft XNA Framework 3.1 (pre-requisite), Kodu Game Lab (application)). Both packages install succesfully and ...
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    Kodu Game lab on RM CC3 network

    Hi all,

    I've created 2 packages (Microsoft XNA Framework 3.1 (pre-requisite), Kodu Game Lab (application)). Both packages install succesfully and run as SA and teacher level users on some machines but not others - I've put this down to incompatible hardware. When students try accessing the software on machines which work for SA/Teachers, the software fails to load (click the shortcut, nothing appears). I've checked event logs and come up blank; gone down the permissions route so create a file rule to allow the software - still nothing.

    Has anyone tried using Kodu and come up with this situation?
    Any ideas gratefully received!


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    Pretty much all of the RM kit I've tried is unable to run Kodu due to the naff video chipsets on the motherboards RM use. We don't have any RM kit newer then 3 years old at this point, so maybe the newer models are better, but I doubt it.

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    Hi guys, Having problems with Kodu Game lab As a technician user it works fine, but as staff or students it crashes on load up with a CLr20r3 error for boku.exe

    I have given them write to c:\ drive and they can save into the redirected documents folder so it's not having any problem creating the save folder in there. Can you think of anything else I could try to get this to work? I have also ticked in compatibility to run as administrator.

    Thanks in advance.

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    im running kodu on some very old RM 2020's and its okish but working. Only 21 days until I throw the lot away though

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