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Educational Software Thread, Blackcat Spider help! in Technical; Hello. I have recently started a job placement as part of an NVQ course at a school and they have ...
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    Blackcat Spider help!


    I have recently started a job placement as part of an NVQ course at a school and they have asked me to edit thier web page. I have done a little of this before, using various programmes but this is my first time using Blackcat Spider.

    I have made the neccessary changes and am ready to upload the site. But every time i click send, after the send changes/send all window and after it builds the homepage, i get a loading screen saying it is connecting then an error message appears. It reads:

    Could not create catalog.

    Error while uploading. The program could not create a catalog.

    I have limited experience in using these types of programmes, but everything i have tried short of ringing the ISP has failed. Does anyone know of an easy solution, or will i have to resort the the 50p a min hotline to get the problem fixed?

    I have read online that other programmes, like Coffe Cup. I have read some different forums, but they all say different things and i am stuck. Could anyone provide help?


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    Oh for the love of Pete, ditch that piece of awful education software and find something better (read: anything!). It's just the worst piece of cr*p ever and is probably borking because of lack of admin permissions for a temp file or some such...

    In terms of alternatives, I'm a Dreamweaver and Eclipse IDE user but that's of no use to you... Coffee Cup is probably as good a place to start as any but I'm sure some other suggestions will be forthcoming.

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