Hi all,

I have been given the task of doing some software testing for Windows 7, and i`m working through the programs which have issues and trying to fix them, however I seem to have stumbled on the first one.

Science department have a program called Advanced Physics, which has previously been repackaged into an MSI to be distributed on our XP RM CC4 network. The problem I have is the install fails because the installer is trying to write to folder c:\windows\winsxs\policies, now reading round the web (which iv done alot of) the winsxs folder (named the side by side folder) is used to replace system32 and is used to hold shared resources (dlls and stuff) and is able to hold multiple versions of the same file. Because of the nature of this folder microsoft has deemed it that windows users shouldnt be able to edit anything in that folder, apart from a user called Trusted installer. I have tried giving my own user full permissions over the folder, the administrator full rights over the folder, even taking ownership of the folder. and I still cant install it.

I have tried editing the MSI and removing the offending files which need copying and that appears to break the installation.

I`m running out of ideas, has anyone come accross this or knows of a fix.