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Educational Software Thread, Digiblue Movie Creator 2 in Technical; Digiblue, not a favourite brand of mine. I have the DMC3 application and DMC3 cameras, also have some DMC2 (32MB) ...
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    Digiblue Movie Creator 2

    Digiblue, not a favourite brand of mine.

    I have the DMC3 application and DMC3 cameras, also have some DMC2 (32MB) cameras (but not the application). Naively, but without much hope, I attached the DMC2 camera to my XP system with DMC3 running, the software met my expectations and DID NOT recognise the attached DMC2 camera.

    My question. Has anyone got DMC2 (32MB) cameras working with the DMC3 application and if so how?


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    No, it doesn't work - this is documented in their FAQ's. REally can't understand how they couldn't have spent an extra 10 minutes to make it work, but hey-ho.
    If you want to mix DMC2 and 3 cameras (same as the v1 and v2) you need to designate PC's to run each and load the software accordingly.

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    Can you not load the software on both, did do that with v1 and v2 cameras so any could be used on the PC. Just needed to start the correct version first. What are you wanting to do with the cameras? Video or animation?

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    Digital Blue software doesnt work well with Windows 7 yet.

    I have found a fix around to getting the videos off the camera so you dont have to use the software.

    * Switch on the Camera when it’s not connected to the PC

    * Hold down the Resolution button on the camera.

    * Plug in the camera while still holding the Resolution button.

    * You will notice a new drive mounted in your 'Computer' folder called 'Removable Disk'.

    * Double-click to open it, then open the 'DCIM' folder > '100MEDIA' folder.

    * You can now drag the movies out of that folder and into any location you wish, double click the files individually to view them.

  5. Thanks to Jamesdavid3 from:

    JamesG (12th January 2011)

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