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Educational Software Thread, Exam Quest and Exam Wizard Software Network Install in Technical; Hi All, Did anyone try to install Exam Quest or/and Exam Wizard on to a network. It works fine on ...
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    Exam Quest and Exam Wizard Software Network Install

    Hi All,

    Did anyone try to install Exam Quest or/and Exam Wizard on to a network.
    It works fine on a standalone installation, but the shortcut does not work on the network install.


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    urgh! I hate amature programs and rubbish installers. I'll have to write a startup script to install these I don't know how I'll target the PC in question...MSI's people!

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    These ones aren't too bad. I usually do a silent local install using altiris. The exe file accepts the silent option (EA_MATH_12_SP.EXE /silent). You need to install it normally to start with so it can generate the license file. This gets written to the windows directory and needs to be copied to the windows folder on each client: C:\windows\exampro32.ini.

    If you use any other exam wizard or testbase titles, you can merge the different exampro32.ini files together.

  4. Thanks to Chris_Cook from:

    Sam_Brown (29th August 2013)

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    We had the exact same issue as the OP

    You have to make sure your not installing it on the networked server directly, so dont remote onto the server it just install it from your current machine and browse to the location where you want to install it on the network.

    When we remoted onto the server we first we pointed the installation too..
    "E:\Share\ Enquiry Faculty\Science\KS5\Chemistry\Examquest32\ExamQues t.exe" RA_CHEM

    However this was wrong as all the client machines shortcuts point too.... which is and is not the correct location so the shortcut wasnt really pointing to anything.
    "G:\Enquiry Faculty\Science\KS5\Chemistry\Examquest32\ExamQues t.exe" RA_CHEM

    So the shortcut was it was getting confused in the installation path.

    Just install it directly from your pc without going onto any servers and it will fix it.
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    I use AppV for this and sequence the application in standalone mode. Then enable the software for the necessary AD groups.

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