Hi everyone,

one of my schools has just purchased what can only be described as a waste of a disc! The software is called All About and comes in 3 varieties:

All About Shape and Space
All About Materials
All About Weather and Seasons

They initially started life as Granada Products and then they became Semerc Products before finally becoming Sherston products!!!

Problem - The software needs to be installed on the network but the network installer doesn't work with them and when running the normal installer as an administrator I get and Access Denied message!!!

Managed to get the files on the server by simply copying and pasting from the disc. Why they bother shipping with an installer I have no idea. So onto my problem.

The program requires that a userdata folder is accessible (not sure why as no data is saved) but it would appear that this cannot be in a shared location. Not ideal as each user would then have an extra folder in their my documents folder that I don't want them to have.

Phoning Sherston support has thus far weilded any answers.

When i told them that i was actually unable to install them he asked me "Do you get an Access Denied message?" So this is obviously a fault they are aware of.

My question to all of you is this:

Have any of you had any luck getting this software up and running with the User Data folders on the network?