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Educational Software Thread, Re: Acorn RISC OS Educational Software in Technical; Re: Acorn RISC OS Educational Software I know that most people who read this have probably never seen an Acorn ...
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    Re: Acorn RISC OS Educational Software

    Re: Acorn RISC OS Educational Software

    I know that most people who read this have
    probably never seen an Acorn computer in a
    school, and some of you might not even know
    what one is, but I'm hoping there will be one
    or two of you out there who will go all misty
    eyed at the mention of a RiscPC.

    If anybody still has any old Acorn educational
    software lying about, would you check through
    what you've got and see if you have any of
    these -

    Anglia Multimedia CDs
    Through the Window
    Ancient Greeks
    Ancient Egyptians

    Wake UP World!
    Crystal Rain Forest Version 1 or 2

    and a RISC OS copy of the

    AEGIS Geographical Information System

    that was developed by the Hatfield Computer
    Unit in the late 1990s.

    It is impossible to get hold of RISC OS copies
    of any of these now, unless you're lucky
    enough to see them on Ebay, and I'm trying to
    locate them for a Special Needs school, so
    if anybody has Acorn copies of these, would
    you please leave a message saying that you
    have them.

    Very few copies of some of these were ever
    sold before Labour killed Acorn in education,
    so you might well have the ONLY copy still in

    The Sherston titles may well be the most likely
    ones to find, because they may have been produced
    in a triple format Mac/Acorn/PC CD. IF you have
    a PC version, would you please check whether it's
    one of those triple format ones.

    Thanks for looking.

    Jon Robinson (Leeds)

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    Well Jon, I'm sorry but I don't have any of these. However, in replying to your post here, my count will be at 5. This is apparently the required threshold to permit me to send the private message you emailed me about! Thanks :-)

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    I'll take a look but I think I threw my copies out last year. However, from my memory I think many of these titles may be RISCOS version sensitive and if you are using a ewer version of RiscOS then they may not work.

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    I remember our head of IT at Trevelyan Middle School and his utter disgust with children knowing how to cut and paste and not knowing how to use an Acorn! I know Treveleyan Middle School, Windsor used to have 2 suites with Acorns & loads of software - if anyone works at the school from here they may be able to help you - unless they binned it all.
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    I can't believe I finally sold my Risc PC which I had saved from my first school IT job. Was in mint condition with the i486 card. However I didn't use it and needed the space.

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